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  Condominium association management and 
Property management

       certified condominium management       

Property management: 
Our main objective in this area is to maintain and increase the value of your property.
We keep you up to date at all times, according to our property management contract.
We act independently, taking advice on any important decisions
and agreements, consulting with you if required.
Our aim is to ensure and extend the high-quality rental potential of your property. Allowing you to calculate a fixed rate of return.
A goodvrelationship with your tenants, reliable support and good communications between tenants and Inter-Wohnungenare a matter of course.
We place great emphasis on personal contact and agreements
with tenants.
We endeavour to identify and eliminate any irritations in advance.
The property manager is obliged to carry out the property management
conscientiously and to do every-thing do everything required ensure correct management.
He is entitled to observe andrepresent represent the client’s economic and other interests in every respect.    

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